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Professional internet sales solutions for companies and startups


Allow your customers to create their product according to their imagination.

Our configurator introduces products by interactive and enjoyable way. Thanks to the unique experience your customers will easily remember you.

Customized e-shop

For your business. Without compromises.

Customized eshop increases your turnover and saves you time. Distinguish yourself from the competitors by responsive graphic design and administration functions.

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Online seller

Imagine a website which interacts with you and recommends you the best.

Online seller communicates with customers and offers them what they really want.

Who trusts us

In our portfolio you can find settled companies as well as young, ambitious startups which are connected by their business talent.

ERP and invoicing systems that we have already implemented

We are building the InspiShop platform with external integrations in mind. Webshops can save time with us through process automation and data synchronization.

What our clients
say about us

Původní řešení na platformě Wordpress bylo pro zákazníky i správný chod e-shopu složité a zpomalené. Bylo hlavní brzdou růstu celého projektu. Vývojáři z Inspirum zajistili nový automatizovaný e-shop s intuitivním konfigurátorem objednávek. Díky tomu mohu pustit z hlavy starosti s chodem e-shopu a soustředit se na důležitější věci.

Jana Chladová, owner


We have been working with Inspishop for the last 2 years in 4 markets in Europe and we are very happy with the functionality of this product. In addition, the support level is very high and very prompt. We highly recommend.

Alex Abraham, partner and COO


At the beginning, I was thinking: „What could these young boys probably offer to me?“ This fear dissolved after a few seconds of our first meeting though and I knew I'm in the best hands I could be. Immediately, I fell in love with their creativity, energy, and drive for the project. Today, I'm really glad that they aren't only my business partners, but also I can consider them as friends at the same time.

Tomáš Tichánek, owner


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    e-commerce platform

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    solved requirements of our clients


    full-time members
    of the team

    The key to success
    is a superman behind the keyboard

    We are a young and creative team which isn't bothered by corporate rules. We solve things simply and effectively. That's why we enjoy our job and so we listen to your ideas with interest.

    With whom we cooperate

    Our partners are strong players. Thanks to the modern services and stable support of our solutions we are sure everything goes smoothly - exactly according to your ideas.

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