Offer your products to 100 million new customers beyond the borders of CR.

100% localized e-shop InspiBox is built in 3 weeks, translation, marketing and customer support is provided.
I want to sell abroad

foreign e-shops

Our service InspiBox connects smartly to your existing e-shop. No need to change e-shop or programmers’ work.

Then we build up to 3 foreign e-shops, fully localized, with translated products. Moreover on your own domain so you immediately expand your offer over Europe. Forget about borders.

Already in 3 weeks, you can sell to customers in Germany, Romania, Slovakia and in other countries.

What about shipping, customer support or local marketing? We have a solution. You can focus on what you know the best, without the need to expand the team or invest millions into expansion.

Expand into any country only for 49 000 CZK.

Slovakia Germany Romania
population 5 000 000 80 000 000 20 000 000
the size of online market 30 billion CZK 1,3 trillion CZK 30 billion CZK
annual growth 16 % 12 % 18 %
the most important services Heuréka, Pricemania Amazon, Klarna eMag, Okazii
our rating Slovakia is a nearby market, where you do not have to localize that much, but still get interesting numbers.
A lot of music.
The biggest market in EU so near? A pity not to use it. It’s tough to look german.
Hard to make a mark.
The market is growing faster than offers of e-shops. In some fields, you can play prime.

Where to expand

Your competitors are expanding, do not wait for better opportunity, it does not have to happen. Up to 5 local e-shops. In 3 weeks. No change of the e-shop distributor.

Expand now

Few simple steps to expansion

To start selling in foreign markets with us is not expensive, it is fast and does not need investment into programmers or change of e-shop.

  • Contact us

    Call us on +420 721 452 179.
    The call will be short. We will ask you to which countries you want to expand.
    Within 24 hours, we will call you with an offer.
  • Offer approval

    We will come to terms. We will do analysis so you know what you’re going into. We sign a contract and we can start working.
  • E-shop realization

    Leave us few weeks to deal with e-shop position and product translation. Most projects are realized in 3 weeks.
  • Local launch

    You already have first orders from abroad. But our work is not over. We will not let you down! We are ready to support you in providing customer support, marketing, and further development of the platform.

Customer support

Telephone support, on-line chat, e-mailing, watching orders, returns process, customer reviews.

Service is provided daily
from 10 AM to 10 PM


Synchronization of stocks and prices, translations, orders import, local services, statistics and new functions development.

Free consultation every month.


Paid sources, grader of goods, budget management, finding new channels, performance optimization.

PPC have better results than in Czechia.

Supported payment gateways and product catalogs




How much expansion costs

Expansion to neighboring countries through InspiBox is considerably cheaper than you would expect. It's much faster than you'd expect. And the whole service is ensured by being impressed.

Are you interested?
first country every other country
e-shop installation 49 000 CZK
-25 % sale
every other mutation
e-shop launch 19-49 000 CZK
-25 % sale
every other mutation
e-shop operation 7 900 CZK and 2 % of turnover
per month
-25 % sale
every other mutation
Customer support 5 900 CZK
up to 100 cases per month
-25 % sale
every other mutation
product translation 1 CZK
per word (autotranslation correction)
Marketing individually

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Sales Director

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Business Development