with PuzzlePizza

    • July 2016

      First meetings over the concept of web application to make possible choosing ingredients on the pizza are ongoing. First wireframes and analysis are done. We find out that previous idea of configuring pizza by quarter would be difficult for operating the application as well as for the cooker, who would have to fill every quarter with ingredients separately. Together, we choose the option of halves.

    • August 2016

      We fine-tune individual graphic elements of the configurator. In the office, the programmers' lively debates about whether the ham is sufficiently pink. We go to pizza regularly, the visual spell of giant tailor made pizzas begins to work.

    • September 2016

      The configurator is done, we start connecting it to the core of InspiShop platform. Communication with InspiShop provides special interface API.

      We also add options to buy homemade lemonades and other specialities.

    • October 2016

      We set prices and finalize the basket including shipping calculations based on links to Google Maps.

      Our team gets to know the pizza maker and the people who will control the administration. We prepare the format of the receipts to make it clear what the pizza maker has to do for the pizza.

      At the end of October, with great glory, we are launching sharp traffic.

    • November 2016

      After few days, PuzzlePizza runs first Facebook campaigns and over 5 100 users configure their own pizza in one week. Our servers successfully encountered their first large wave of visitors and greatly managed it.

    • December 2016

      Videoblogger JdemeŽrát notices the project and orders legendary pizza which weighs over 1,2 kg and his video review brings thousands of people to the configurator. Review also gives 9,5/10 points and PuzzlePizza receives more followers with their fair pizza.

      Review becomes the most popular review of the month and overcomes 44 000 views. Users beg for delivery expand outside the Prague.

    • January 2017

      PuzzlePizza surpasses the limit of 50 orders per site per day, and in one day cook cooks over 70 pizzas.

      Monthly grows by tens of percent and significantly increases the share of returning visitors and customers.

    • April 2017

      We become Twisto startup partners, who have put PuzzlePizze in trust, and are making connections. And we are delighted! The PuzzlePizza project, in the T-mobile competition for the Prague region, ranks 3rd in the 112 registered projects and proceeds to the national round.

    Client’s opinion

    At the beginning, I was thinking: „What could these young boys probably offer to me?“ This fear dissolved after a few seconds of our first meeting though and I knew I'm in the best hands I could be. Immediately, I fell in love with their creativity, energy, and drive for the project. Today, I'm really glad that they aren't only my business partners, but also I can consider them as friends at the same time.

    Tomáš Tichánek

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